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Dubrovnik (continued)

We soon took our seats at the wooden tables inside one of the buildings. Our first course consisted of prosciutto, cheese, and olives. This was followed by baked chicken breast filet, potatoes, and salad. Finally, we were served a delicious apple tart.

Lunch at the Farmhouse

Dobro došli! (Welcome, everyone!)


The table is set. Let's eat.


first course


Traci checking out the fashion


During lunch, we were entertained with songs from the musicians that greeted us upon our arrival at the farm. However, I was much more entertained by Audie who became the life of the party when he went to the front and began swaying along with the musicians. It was a fun lunch.

The Life of the Party

Audie, the guest performer




At the conclusion of the tour, we were given the option of being dropped off at the Old Town or being taken back to the ship. Audie chose to go back to the ship while Sugar, Traci and I chose the Old Town. A popular activity in Dubrovnik is to climb the steps of the medieval wall and walk around the Old Town. The cost to do this converted to approximately $13 per person. There were many steps to climb along the way but the views were postcard-worthy. It took us about an hour to travel the perimeter. There are lookout towers and even a restaurant or two along the way. It was a mild mid-70 degree day but we were starting to glisten with sweat from all the steps when we finished. I'm sure this activity becomes quite grueling in the summer when temperature can surpass 100 degrees.

Walking the Wall

a view from the wall


rooftops within the walls


a view from the wall


Sugar and Traci enjoying the view


Traci in a watchtower


Back onboard the ship, I watched from our balcony as we slowly pulled away from the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. The next day would be Venice, Italy - our final port of call. Continue...


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