Chincoteague Island Trip (continued)

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Our plan for the day was to make the hour-long drive to Ocean City, Maryland before driving back home Ė but first, we made another stop at the Island Creamery to try their sherbets. They did not disappoint. I ordered the orange juice sherbet and Traci ordered the apple cider sherbet.

another stop at the Island Creamery before leaving Chincoteague Island


We seemed to make it to Ocean City in no time. It was a Tuesday during the off-season when we visited. This meant we were able to find free parking on the street just a block from the boardwalk. Because of the pandemic, a face mask was required while walking the boardwalk. Almost everyone we saw abided by this rule. The boardwalk, which runs parallel to the large beach, is lined with souvenir shops, video game arcades, hotels, restaurants, and more. The sounds of the ocean waves, the sounds of the sea gulls, the smell of French fries, and the warm sun brought back memories of the family beach vacations we did in my youth. Iím sure I talked Traciís ear off that day every time something reminded me of that happy period of my life.

Ocean City, Maryland






Traci and I walked the entire length of the boardwalk and more that day checking out the sights. We entered at 7th Street, walked to the Inlet around 2nd Street , walked 2.25 miles to the other end at 27th Street, and then walked back to 7th Street to get back to the car. According to Traciís pedometer, our walk on the boardwalk along with the wandering along the beach, we walked 5 miles that day.

Driving home, I came to another realization. This was the first time in almost 7 months that I had driven at night. Despite all the coronavirus precautions, Traci and I enjoyed our mini vacation. We are definitely ready to travel again but not during the pandemic. We are just too germophobic. Hopefully, we will get back to traveling next year. Main Page...


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