Sun City (conclusion)

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Valley of the Waves

One of the major attractions in Sun City is the Valley of the Waves. It is a man-made beach area complete with a wave machine powerful enough to generate waves for surfing. In addition to the beach and the wave ocean, there is an inner tube river and a very intimidating water slide. There is no admission cost for the Valley of the Waves for guests who are staying at Sun City. Traci and I checked it out; however, we did not get into the water. Instead, we took a short walk along pathways in the woods that surround the area. There are all types of treasures to be found along these trails. We saw waterfalls and sculptures that go along with the theme of this fictional Lost City. Every hour between 10 AM and 5 PM, there is a simulated earthquake with rumbling sounds, steam, and vibrations on the bridge leading to the Valley of the Waves.

beach at the Valley Of The Waves


earthquake simulation every hour


many trails to explore

...and waterfalls too


Traci and I bought tickets to a show that was being performed at the Sun City Hotel. It was called Afro-Dizzia!. The performance consisted of songs and dances from a variety of genres. It reminded me of the type of entertainment I've seen on cruise ships; the difference being, some of the numbers in Afro-Dizzia! contained nudity and very suggestive dancing. There were topless women in thongs and men in G-strings in some scenes. The show also had plenty of smoke, flashing lights, and fancy costumes. It was entertaining and lasted about an hour and a half.

Our Last Night In Africa

After seeing Afro-Dizzia!, Traci and I headed back to our hotel to try to catch the 4:30 leisurely boat ride around the lake. As we approached the hotel entrance, who did we see? Yes, it was Patricia, Jeffrey, Stephanie, and Susan. They had managed to get a flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg and rent a car to drive to Sun City. They had just checked into the Cabanas. They told us their travel experience wasn't a pleasant one. It sounded like something from the television show The Amazing Race. They had to deal with a late shuttle transfer to the Cape Town airport and sold out car rental places in Johannesburg - not to mention getting adjusted to driving on the opposite side of the road in a car with steering wheel on the opposite side. To make matters worst, they had a dead car battery on the day they were leaving Sun City. But anyway, they made it here and we were very happy to see them.

We all had our final dinner together at the Calabash restaurant in the Sun City Hotel. It was a nice buffet that gave me the opportunity to try ostrich meat. It tasted like sweet beef but my piece had too much fat on it for me to really enjoy it. Overall, we had a nice meal but were a bit depressed as we realized our vacation was basically over.

Reunited! Our friends made it to Sun City after all.


Calabash buffet - our last dinner in South Africa


our last dessert buffet

vacation almost over - boo hoo

After dinner, we walked around little and just hung out reminiscing over all the fun we had had in South Africa. We were already proposing ideas for the next group vacation we would like to take. This had been an incredible trip with great people. If the quantity of pictures and video are any indication on how much we enjoyed ourselves then consider this; Traci took 897 pictures with her digital camera and I shot over 4 hours of video with my camcorder! For me, it was the trip of a lifetime! Main Page...

"The rental car is packed. We'll see you at the airport."


Magnets Purchased on this Trip: (click to enlarge)

Entire fridge magnet collection...


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