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Sea Day #4

Saturday, a sea day, was the final full day of the cruise. As I looked out at the sea from our balcony, I could see that the captain had picked up speed. Despite this, our journey was smooth. There was hardly any ship rocking. In fact, there were less than a handful of times during the week that I felt any ship movement.

We started the day as usual with Traci going to Sherman's morning exercise class. I enjoyed another Q&A session. This time it was vocalists Lalah Hathaway and Selina Albright.

I popped into the listening party for Avery Sunshine's new release and then went to meet Traci in the Victoriana for a performance by the Dallas Black Dance Theatre. I was feeling sleepy so I left after the third number for my afternoon nap. Traci stayed for the entire show and said it was good. She also went to see a screening of the movie "Cru" which she also enjoyed.

Dallas Black Dance Theatre



There was no show in the International Lounge that night. Instead, the 8 PM show took place in the Victoriana. It was none other than Patti LaBelle. We knew we were in for a great performance when we saw the grand piano on the stage along with several pairs of glittery high-heel shoes on top of it. Patti is known to kick off her shoes when she is singing. She always gives her all when she performs. She sang herself right out of her shoes that night.

Patti LaBelle Concert



After the concert, it was time for the depressing task of preparing for our early morning debarkation. Before heading back to our cabin, Traci and I stopped by the photo area to find some of the professional photos that were taken of us throughout the week. We did not see any picture we really liked so we did not purchase anything. We said goodbye to some of the people we met during the week and then went back to the cabin to pack. Patti LaBelle's 10:15 show was being simulcast so we watched it on TV as we stuffed our suitcases.

We were up super early the next morning, had breakfast at 6:15, and waited for our tag color to be called so that we could exit the ship. We carried our own luggage off like we normally do. I was a little worried because we had taken a chance when we booked a 12:15 PM direct flight home out of Miami despite the Capital Jazz documentation that advised against booking a flight any earlier than 12:30 PM if flying out of Miami. We took a further risk when we decided to use the Capital Jazz complimentary Fort Lauderdale to Miami shuttle. It does not leave the port until it is full.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly with our shuttle transportation and we arrived at the Miami airport by 10:40 AM. The only disappointing part of our trip home came when we were checking in for our flight. Once again, Traci and I were victims of airline mergers. It was not as bad as the confusion we faced during the United/Continental merger in 2012 that caused us to miss our flight home from our Quebec trip but it was frustrating. This time the merger was between American Airlines and USAir. We had booked our flights with American months ago. Since Traci used her American Airlines credit card, there was no charge for our checked luggage. A month or so before our trip, we received an email from American Airlines indicating our return flight would be on USAir. When we checked in for this return flight, we were charged $25 per suitcase. We explained to the lady behind the counter and to her manager that we should not be charged for luggage because we booked our flight through American Airlines. It was not our fault that they moved us to USAir. We got nowhere with this. The lady behind the counter even tried to accuse us of not reading the contract when we booked; that is, until Traci showed her the receipt that clearly stated that our bags are free. USAir was not budging and we were running out of time. Traci wrote an email to American Airlines when we got home explaining the controversy. They eventually replied and told us that they could not refund our baggage fee. Instead, they gave us airline points. Traci has since cancelled the American Airlines credit card.

Other than the airline fiasco, our trip was wonderful. Capital Jazz knows how to put together an exciting cruise. It is a great way for Traci and me to get our concert fix for the year and to feed our travel hunger at the same time. We would love to cruise with them again but it looks like the 2015 dates will not work for us. We will have to try again another year or maybe attend the annual Capital Jazz Festival in Columbia, MD in June. Either way, this will not be our last Capital Jazz event. Main Page...

Magnets Purchased on this Trip: (click to enlarge)

Entire fridge magnet collection...


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