Cape Town (continued)

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The land we were riding through is actually the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. It is known for its abundance of plant and animal life. It was not quite spring yet when we were there so there were not many flowers in bloom; however, we did spot some wildlife along the way. We saw whales, zebras, ostriches, and lizards. We made a stop at Boulder Beach to look at a colony of African penguins. They were originally called African jackass penguins because of the sound they make. They really do sound like a donkey. However, in recent years, the "jackass" has been dropped from their name. Tourists used to be allowed to walk on the beach with the penguins; however, it was decided later that it is probably better for the birds if the humans were kept at a distance. Therefore, a wooden walkway was built over the beach to allow people to observe the penguins without interfering with them. I thoroughly enjoyed the Cape Peninsula Tour.

The Wildlife Of The Cape





Can you find the zebra in this photo?


Protea - South Africa's national flower


African Penguins Of Boulder Beach

not a sign most of us see everyday


penguins on the rocks


more penguins

penguins everywhere

The Cape Town Mix-up

When planning this South Africa trip, our travel agent had given us the option of 4 nights in Cape Town or 2 nights in Cape Town and 2 nights in Sun City. We all originally signed up for the latter but Traci and I had missed the teleconference call in which the group decided to switch to the 4-night Cape Town option. We didn't discover that we had different itineraries until the first day we arrived in South Africa and someone asked about trying to arrange a day trip to Sun City. Our travel companions decided to move forward with arranging a day trip but it proved more difficult than any of us could have imagined. When several days of playing phone tag with travel agents earlier in the week proved unsuccessful, they decided to take matters into their own hands and make their own arrangements. We visited an Internet cafe located about three blocks from our hotel. It had a great rate of a little over $1 an hour. The four of them had made good progress by the time we were ready to head out for dinner.

in the Internet cafe trying to get to Sun City

For dinner that night, we all caught a taxi to the hangout area of Long Street and had dinner at the Urban Chic Restaurant after we were not able to get a table at the very popular Mama Africa Restaurant. We returned to Mama Africa's later in hopes of having dessert and listening to the live marimba band, but they still had not reached our name on their two-hour waiting list. With that, we headed back to the hotel where Traci and I said goodbye to our travel companions and wished them luck on making arrangements to get to Sun City. It was the last night for Traci and me in Cape Town. We would fly to Johannesburg the next morning and catch the Magic Bus to Sun City. We were hoping things would work out for Jeffrey, Patricia, Stephanie, and Susan so they could meet us there. We had had such a wonderful time with them over the last week. Continue to Sun City...

continue to Sun City...


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